We help humans get work done

and, if wanted, present it to the world.


We help humans get work done

and, if wanted, present it to the world.



Software that adapts to
the way you want to work

Business software. Customer Relation Management. Database driven applications. 37 years in business has learned us a lot. The primary application framework is a base for all kind of business solutions. It contains relations, stock, estimates, orders, invoicing, mail, basic reporting and accounting elements. It is highly customizable. Our clients are in the fashion industry, subscription business, automotive sector, transport and international moving, interior design and many more.

shockingly Simple

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci said, and we truly believe that. We take pride in creating software that has a low learning curve, that returns clear and expected results.

yet Powerful

we develop applications that are powerful and smart. Not one same thing should be done twice. Not one action should be a waste of time.

very Customizable

we believe software should adobt to your business, not the other way around. We listen to you, learn how you want things done and will create software accordingly

any Platform

our software runs on the most common platforms; Web, Windows, MacOS, iOS. We have server and standalone versions. Single and multiuser.

Present yourself on the interweb

All you need is a browser.

We are experienced website builders, creating sites based on the WordPress platform. Examples of the sites we created can be found below. We love to create beautiful things. Integration with our software can be done, thinking of customer support, web-shop order processing, you name it.

Domain Name

We can register your domain-name directly for you. With all extensions like; .com, .eu, .mt. We are official NICMalta domain registrant.


We have dedicated servers hosted in a data-centre. Our hosting plans are listed below. We might not be the cheapest, but for sure hassle free and provide excellent support.


We build websites on the WordPress platform. It is easy to maintain (even for you) and very powerful. And it allows us to create a website fast, so you will be up and running in a short time if needed.



including backups


Per domain/year


WordPress / FTP / eMAIL
businesses of all size.


Per domain/year


eMAIL / DirectAdmin


Per domain/year

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