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We @MaltaCode are hands on. Our services aim to maximise the operational side of your business. Not only we talk and generate reports, we provide solutions tailored to your business.

About MaltaCode

MaltaCode has been providing custom software development and web services for more that 30 years. We started in the Netherlands and moved to Malta in 2012. In 2016 we moved to Gozo. Specialising in business operational custom software and consulting.

Our Clients

We prefer to work with small to medium sized companies, where the owner is envolved in his/her company and able to make rapid decisions. We love to work with passionate people, that love what they do. No company is to small.

Operational Business Consulting

Our vast experience with automating business processes has given us many insights on what works and what doesn’t. We love to learn  about your company and it’s services. Share our experience. We are down-to-earth, really like effective tools.

Our strategy:

  1. Analyse: Talk to your people, evaluate process, market research.
  2. Report: We report our findings, research results, experience.
  3. Execute: Put the process in place, install the optimal tools.
  4. Common Sense: We use it, a lot! Focus on the core.

Software & Web Services

Our roots are in custom software and web services tailor made for our customers. Not to say we develop everything from scratch, we look at the best fitting solution for your company or process. We focus on what works, what’s manageable. Within a responsible budget. We will develop applications for your company if needed. We create beautiful things that work and increase productivity.


News and update worth reading about. People, Process and Products.

Help where we can…

Some of us (perhaps the most of us) humans are less fortunate... and can use a helping hand. Whenever and wherever we can (As MaltaCode and personal) we'll do what we're good at....

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Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I truly believe this, keep it as simple as possible! It limits (human) errors and is highly manageable. - Dick Impens

Founder, MaltaCode

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