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Common Sense

Our Story

We’ve been been developing software and web design since 1984


My name is Dick Impens. I am the founder of MaltaCode. My computing experience goes back to 1979. In those days computers and local area networks were scarce. I am an autodidact. I started with Ohio Scientific, Osborne, Commodore, Sinclair and Casio running CP/M, Dos, Unix. Development in Basic and dBase. Networking with Novell, Windows, Linux and Apple Servers. Career-wise I started as a developer, system engineer, network manager and IT manager. In 1991 I became an entrepreneur. I have worked on large projects for Philips, Corus  (Tata Steel), Nokia and have helped a large number of businesses to get automated. Nowadays I specialise in consulting, software development, web design. MaltaCode was founded in 2014 in Malta (EU).

Our Mission

In the most affordable way, we evaluate, optimise and execute operational business processes, utilising the best tools available for your specific needs. We will create these tools if needed.

Our Vision

We believe in simple things. We believe that when we create a process we need to understand the people and tools that perform them. The easiest road to take will be taken naturally. Let’s make that road take you where your business needs to be.

Years Of Experience


% Custom Builds

% Common Sense

What we do

Analyse, Report, Execute & Build to Maximize

Operational Business

Having a pair of fresh experienced eyes look at your business processes creates insights. Brings new ideas. Simplifies tasks. It will be worth your while. And we do not only talk! We help you put the new process in place and check on it, so we know it works!

Custom software

Have a need for a custom made application? We have more than 34 years of experience developing custom applications for business. Let us know what you need, and we will tell you what there is out there or what we can create for you.

Web design/hosting

If your business needs a professional website, or you want to update your existing website to a stunning new one, let us know. We can build it for you, integrate it with your business. We can provide hosting too! Fast and reliable.


We have developed many solutions thru the years. Mainly custom CRM systems, that do more than only keep track of relations. Invoicing, order processing, POS, Web based support intergration, Subscription management, etc. Many of these modules we use for new custom projects, making it affordable to have custom software.


We are very experienced WordPress designers. Creating new sites can be done quickly, dynamically. It proves to be very effective and affordable. From a basic site to an advanced client orientated site integrated in our software.

Filemaker Pro

We use Filemaker Pro software do develop applications that run on Windows/MacOS/iOS/Web in a network or standalone. Filemaker Pro is a database with a scripting language, like PHP can be for MySQL. The advantage of using Filemaker pro is RAD (Rapid application development) keeping costs and development time low.

So what’re these woodworks on your site? Well, my grandfather was a carpenter. I’ve inherited his passion for working with wood. It’s natural ;). I often say that programming should be in your genes. Everyone can learn to write some code, but the really good ones have it in their genes. Like a passionate carpenter, programmers need this to create simple solutions for complex problems.

Work and Private time

I don’t have work hours. For me, my job is not working. It’s my life. So is my girlfriend. My classic car. My house. My friends. It’s my life. I don’t care when what happens or someone needs attention. I help to the best of my ability. With passion. With love. With respect.

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