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Living in Gozo I often get the question about what is the best computer one can buy, so hereby I am sharing some information. Today I would like to tell you about Chromebooks and Chrome desktops running ChromeOS. These computers are great for a lot of people, but there is quite some scepsis about them in Malta & Gozo. Most of the time this is unfunded scepsis unless you really don’t like Google products or services, and you never intend to use them, or you need to use a specific application that only runs on Windows or macOS. Although many applications have very good web-based alternatives.

If you do use Google products like Search, Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Photos, YouTube, Android (tablets and mobile phones) Chromeboxes and Chromebooks are great affordable devices with a lot of advantages:

  • Chromebooks/desktops are really FAST! compared to all other PC’s.
  • Boot & restart times are in seconds instead of minutes!
  • Most are very affordable! €400 or less for a new one (depending on the power you want), €100 to €250 for a good second hand one. The main reason for this is that Chrome devices don’t need much memory and disk storage.
  • The Chromebooks battery usually lasts more than 8 hours, great for school, travel or working remotely! There are rugged models, that can stand heavy use.
  • ChromeOS is very SAFE! As you can store things locally, most data is stored online, very private and safe. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Therefore if your computer crashes, get stolen or lost, no data is lost. You will be back in business within a couple of seconds as soon as you’ve replaced it!
  • Chrome desktops are small, mostly you can attach them behind a monitor (Vesa) so they don’t take space.
  • For business or schools; ChromeOS is highly manageable by your system administrators.
  • All major brands make Chromebooks/Desktops, HP, Lenovo, Google, Asus, Acer, and much more.
  • In countries like the USA Chromebooks have the majority in laptops in education, for all these reasons mentioned above.

There are tons of applications that run on ChromeOS, almost anything you need you will find. Mostly free, some charge a small fee. And YES, MS Office 365 does run on ChromeOS, although Google Office suite is free and works very well too. Many ChromeOS devices run Android Apps and some even Linux Apps, which makes the choice in applications very large.

If you spend all of your time whilst working on the internet (like many of us) there is absolutely no reason to have a heavy PC or operating systems like Windows or macOS. If you are hesitant to learn a new system; don’t be. If you use the Chrome browser on your computer now, there is near to none learning curve. If you don’t, ChromeOS is really very simple in use, you will be able to manage it in no time.

I am not employed by Google, nor do I get a commission or fee from Google. I just want to share with you the great advantages of this operating system.