MaltaCode: Mission Statement

I love simple things.
Not as in non-complicated things. Just the clarity of simple. The part were making wrong choices is at minimum. The path that is taken to accomplish a task takes the least possible effort. The natural and logical actions and reactions.
I take pride in creating software that has a low learning curve, that returns clear and expected results.

MaltaCode Toolbox

About me

My computing experience goes back to 1979. In those days computers and local area networks were scarce. I am autodidact, really wanted to learn and understand how computers work, how to develop software. I started with Ohio Scientific, Osborne, Commodore, Sinclair running CP/M, Dos, Unix, developing in Basic and dBase. Networking with Novell, Windows Server and Apple Servers. Career wise I started as operator, developer, system engineer, network manager and IT manager. In 1991 I became entrepreneur. I have worked on very large projects for Philips, Corus, Nokia and have helped a very large number of businesses to get automated, in hardware and software. Nowadays I specialise in consulting, software development, webdesign. MaltaCode started in 2014 in Malta.

I use Filemaker and MySQL as base for most of my application development. I’ve been a Filemaker developer since version 2.x of Filemaker, in those day’s nothing compared to what we can do now with Filemaker. I develop Filemaker apps that run stand-alone, on Windows, MacOS, iOS and the web, and server based, running on Windows and MacOS. 80% of my work is custom built applications based on one of my modules: CRM, POS, Subscription based solutions.

WordPress is MaltaCode’s base for creating websites, I mostly use Elegant Themes‘ themes (Divi and Extra) to create almost any type of website, as they are mega flexible and solid. I have a lot of experience in building a wide diversity of sites; Webshops, Company sites, Personal blogs, specialist sites, photography, etc. MaltaCode has built 5000+ sites in the past 15 years.