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Customer Relation Management
MaltaCode believes software should adapt to your business. So our definition of CRM is a bit different.
MaltaCode thinks relations are the base of your business existence. Communication with your relations is of the upmost importance. mcCRM is software to manage your interactions with your relations on a very effective, simple yet powerful way. mcCRM provides you with all information you need to make the best decisions. mcCRM is adaptable, we can make it work the way you want it to work!


Warm Welcome

Opening mcCRM presents you a clear menu,
allowing you to take actions. Based on what you
want to know or do, you can choose a
relation approach or an module approach.

You are in control!


Relation Info

From the relations screen you will have full insight of what
goes on with that relation. The top half shows all info of that
relation. The bottom half contains tabs that show you
everything you ever done for that relation.



E, O & I

From every relation card you can directly create a new
estimate, order or invoice. All that you need to do is enter
the products/services + qty and press print / pdf / email.




mcCRM provides live reports!
Custom reports can be created on request
providing you with the information you need.


Single Use


05-05Unlimited Relations – One User
05-05 MacOS & Windows & iOS

Fixed price – no monthly costs
Same Business Day – Customer Support


(*)No Filemaker Pro client required

Multi User


05-05Unlimited Relations & Users
05-05 MacOS & Windows & iOS Optimized
05-05 Network & Web Ready
Fixed price – no monthly costs
Same Business Day – Customer Support


(*)Filemaker Pro clients and/or Filemaker Server not included.